Represent Me leads the International Game Developer Association's LGBTQ+ special interest group. The IGDA LGBTQ+ SIG represents individuals in the games industry who are part of the queer community or who are allies to our community. The partnership was announced on the IGDA blog on 9 November, 2018.

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GDC Roundtables

Photo of Alayna Cole next to sign announcing the GDC 2019 roundtable

We started organising the IGDA LGBTQ+ roundtables at GDC, starting in 2019. Accessibility is important to us, so we will be including notes from these roundtables as opportunities to provide feedback here.

2020 - SHG x IGDA Pride Hangout

2019 - LGBTQ+ and Broader Queer Community Roundtable (Presented by IGDA)

A Note on Language

Represent Me supports the reclaiming of 'queer' and the 'queer community' when referring to our collective identities. (See 'Queer: Is it a Slur?') However, we have opted to continue using the 'LGBTQ+' initialism for our special interest group, in keeping with how it was known when leadership was passed on to us.

One reason for this is that 'queer' has not been as widely adopted in the United States as a positive term as it has in Australia where Represent Me is based. Despite the IGDA being an international organisation, it is based in the US and has a strong membership there. We do not wish to ostracise any members or potential members with our language choices. You can find more information about our usage of 'queer' here.

We stand with our asexual, aromantic, intersex, pansexual, and nonbinary friends, and all other queer identities that may feel excluded by the LGBTQ+ initialism and its derivatives.