Best Practice Guidelines

Our Best Practice Guidelines are a collection of free and paid resources. They are designed to help individuals and organisations who are seeking guidance on how to approach diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. They are a fantastic alternative for teams who are unable to afford an individualised consultation package but still want to improve the way they are representing and championing diversity.

All contributors to the Best Practice Guidelines are paid, and have lived experience in the areas that they are writing and reviewing.

Our guidelines are in production and will be available in early 2021.

What can people access for free?

A free glossary will contain short summaries of terms and concepts. Rather than focusing on the actions that a reader could take to improve in an area, the glossary is designed to introduce the reader to concepts that they may not have considered before, explore why these topics are important, and kick-start further research and understanding.

The first edition of the free glossary will contain more than 100 terms.

What can people pay for?

The Best Practice Guidelines will have two paid components.

Firstly, we have paid guides that will act as a middle-ground between free, basic information and specific, one-on-one consultancy. These guides are action-oriented, so in addition to educating you on a particular social group or concept, they also include advice on how to respectfully approach various situations in content, workplaces, and other environments.

All paid guides have been written by a consultant with lived experience and reviewed by at least two similarly experienced consultants. We have approximately 30 paid resources in production.

Secondly, we will be creating a physical ‘flipbook’ that can be purchased at events or online. This book will contains useful information for people to quickly reference in their day-to-day lives. This product will help us distribute knowledge while funding future projects like this one!