Monster Love: Why we love non-human representation

Monster Prom start screen.

It’s easy to feel like a monster when you’re different from those around you. Being part of a society that has expectations on who you should be, how you behave, and how you present can leave a person feeling like something other than human.

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Why language matters even if nobody is offended

A blackboard with phrases written in different languages on it, and a child writing on it.

It is an incredibly bold move to assume nobody is offended. If you are spouting off slurs of any kind, or allowing them to exist in a place you have influence over, do you really think a person who’s hurt, offended, or triggered by that language is going to come forward and tell you that?

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Accessibility as an on-disc issue

A set of signs in a venue indicating toilets and accessible toilets.

The ability for developers to supply patches for their games across all consoles was and still is groundbreaking. Bug fixes. Extra content. More options. There’s so many things available to us now that may not have been available years ago. But for some of us, for various reasons, these options aren’t available and we’re left with whatever is on the disc at launch.

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Wizards of all skin colours unite in Niantic's new Harry Potter game

Logo reading 'Harry Potter Wizards Unite' on a stormy cloudy background.

On the 1st May 2019, the beta version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched in Australia and New Zealand. As the biggest Harry Potter nerd I know, I—of course—downloaded the app as soon as the beta invitation hit my inbox.

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Normal Does Not Equal Erasure

A person looking through a small gap.

Games are a great indicator of social change. What we see, especially from AAA studios, is often a representation of how society perceives things in the wider world. We have seen quite a lot of change over the years, often for good. However, recently I was reminded that what many folks consider normal can be considered erasure for others.

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