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Represent Me

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Queerly Represent Me Ltd

Founding date

May 2016

Incorporation date

July 2018

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12 / 300 Ann Street
Brisbane 4000, QLD Australia


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Represent Me is a not-for-profit research organisation who creates resources to help creators, event organisers, and workplaces improve their representation and company culture.

We started as Queerly Represent Me (and are still registered under this name), and over four years we grew to be one of the largest queer-focused diversity organisations in the games industry. However, we recognise that an intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion research is vital, and we expanded over time to actively improve games—and the industry that makes them—for all marginalised people.

Between us, our directors represent a range of sexualities and genders, socioeconomic lived experience, cultural heritage, and chronic health conditions—including mental health conditions, neurodivergence, and physical disabilities. Our staff and database of contracted consultants represents an even broader cross-section of the diverse world we live in.

We use proceeds from all paid services and merchandise to provide free public resources, to give a voice to underrepresented creators, and to support the creation of marginalised content.

Ongoing discussion around representation and diversity is vital, and Represent Me seeks to be a key voice within this conversation.

Our Mission


Human eye
We want to help marginalised people feel seen.


Person teaching
We want to help everyone understand how to ensure their content, workplaces, and events are as inclusive and accessible as possible.


We want to spotlight marginalised voices and help people make valuable connections.

Board of Directors

Dr Alayna Cole (she/her)

Areas of Expertise
Bisexuality / plurisexuality
Mental health and invisible illness
Audience perceptions of diverse content
Production and project management
Jessica Zammit (she/her)

Areas of Expertise
Mental health conditions
Quantitative data analysis
Bisexuality and women-loving-women
Dr Dakoda Barker (he/him)

Areas of Expertise
Indigenous Australia
Chronic health conditions
Game design and writing
Proofreading and copy editing
Ashton McAllan (she/her)

Areas of Expertise
Trans women
Writing and narrative design
Tabletop roleplaying games
Chad Toprak (he/him)

Areas of Expertise
Turkish and Muslim representation
Art director and creative production
Game curation
Experimental game design

Annual Reports


Represent Me was founded as 'Queerly Represent Me' in May 2016. Our initial goal was to create a database of games that feature queer content publicly available, to help researchers and players find these games. In November 2016, the database expanded from the original 'visual database' to also include a spreadsheet version, which allowed for great statistical analysis of the representation listed in the database. This led to a stronger focus on research and statistics, and was followed by Queerly Represent Me conducting our 'Representations of Diversity in Games survey' in February 2017.

In March 2017, Queerly Represent Me expanded to include more user-friendly features (such as a better search function and the consolidation of landing pages), a nicer aesthetic (trust us, it's much prettier now), and a new logo. We have continued to launch new initiatives since then. Some have succeeded and are regularly updated (like our interview series and Jess's Queer Games Journey) and others were pilot programs that didn't find the traction we hoped for (like our podcast and the second edition of our zine). But our failures have helped us learn!

Queerly Represent Me began trading as a not-for-profit and charity on July 1, 2018, which was marked by a launch event held at Bar SK in Melbourne, Australia.

In October 2020, we began trading as Represent Me. We wanted our name to be more appropriate to the broad and intersectional ways that we are supporting representation and diversity, and grant us the opportunity to take on more projects with varied focuses.

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Accolades and awards

Education Category Winner Tech Diversity Awards 2018

Winner in the Education category of the Tech Diversity Awards, 2018.

Nominated for the 'Community Initiative / Charity' Award in the Australian LGBTI Awards 2018 and 2019.