Represent Me is a not-for-profit helping marginalised communities through resources, training, and support. We specialise in working with the games industry, but our expertise allows us to support a range of industries. Feel free to drop us a line!

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Featured: Read Only Memories

A living area with desk and computer. Alongside it, the portrait of an android. Text reads 'ze/zir/zir/zirs, xe/xir/xir/xirs, custom pronouns, previous options'.
Read Only Memories is an incredibly popular example of positive representation of sexuality and gender, and was created by Midboss, the company behind GaymerX. The game was designed to prove that queer characters and themes can be included in games that are also enjoyable in their own right, a topic discussed on The plot of Read Only Memories asks questions about what it means to be human, with a number of people (known as 'hybrids') exp… [read more]