Queerly Represent Me is Representing You

Queerly Represent Me is representing you. Who are Queerly Represent Me? What are we up to? Why are we important?

Queerly Represent Me's core team chatted with the Diversity Lounge at PAX Australia 2018 about who we are and what we do.

Please note: This talk was given prior to our trading name changing to Represent Me in 2020.

Who is Queerly Represent Me? Founded in May 2016. Established as a charity in July 2018. Not-for-profit championing diversity in games. Focuses on queer representation, but has intersectional approach. Work with people in the games industry and conduct research in games.

We were founded in May 2016 and have been working as a not-for-profit since July 2018. We are a not-for-profit championing queer representation, but approach our advocacy in an intersectional way. We work with people in the games industry and conduct research in games.

What do we do? We've been working for 2 years and 6 months on so many amazing projects. Largest database of games featuring queer representation worldwide. One-on-one consultancy as well as public free guides. Speaking at academic conferences and industry events.

We have been working on projects for 2 hours and 6 months. Some of our highlights are the largest database of games featuring queer games worldwide, one-on-one consultancy and free resources for people to use, and speaking engagements at academic conferences and industry events.

What do we do? We've been working for 2 years and 6 months on so many amazing projects. Interview series. Jess' Queer Games Journey. 'Represent' annual zine. Game jams. Audience surveys. Events and fundraisers.

We have several ongoing projects that support our three-tiered approach to queer advocacy. These include: our interview series, Jess' Queer Games Journey, our annual zine, our game jams, our annual audience surveys, and our events and fundraisers.

Why does it matter? Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility are issues that need to be tackled from every angle. Representation: Helping people feel seen and encouraging empathy for marginalised people. Education: Teaching people how to include marginalised groups and create safe diverse workplaces events and games. Elevation: Turning the spotlight towards the voices and work of marginalised people.

All of this work is dictated by three key foundations of our organisation: representation, education, and elevation. We are aiming to research and discuss the representation of marginalised groups within games and the games industry, to educate others on how to make their games and industry spaces inclusive, and to spotlight marginalised creators to help their voices be heard.

Outcomes: We're changing the world... and the world has noticed. Papers. Responsible for two published papers with several more in peer review. Interviews. We've had 26 plus interviews and articles published about us in three different languages. Awards. Nominated for and won several awards including winning in the Education category in the tech diversity awards.

Our work is being noticed by the world, with our peer-reviewed articles being accepted for publication, our organisation being written about all over the world, and our team being given awards for our hard work.

Contact queerly represent dot me. hello at queerly represent dot me. at queerly rep me. want to help us. queerly represent dot me forward slash support.