Celeste Cottrell

Short and sweet advice from Cel C!

QRM: Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do in the games industry?

Cel: I'm currently a solo game developer and I create text based games/choose your own adventure games.

QRM: What about the games industry excites and inspires you?

Cel: That there are endless possibilities. I have a realm where anyone can be anything and make impacts with my interactive work.

QRM: What about the games industry frustrates or disappoints you? What are the challenges you’re currently facing in the industry?

Cel: As someone who's black, queer, and most identifies as a woman there are so many challenges. From being looked down on a lot as a person it's also tough when I create games that aren't necessarily the most popular type of game out there either.

QRM: If you could make one roadblock magically disappear from the games industry, what would you choose and why?

Cel: Making it a norm of seeing poc women in the games industry.

QRM: What message would you give to allies—both individuals and companies—who want to know how to support marginalised people better?

Cel: Don't just listen to their voices; take action! Take what people are saying and help make it better for them as well.

QRM: What message would you give to marginalised people who are working in games or would like to work in games?

Cel: Never stop. Keep pushing no matter what. It's a long road, but you will absolutely make it to your end goal. I believe in you.

QRM: If people want to find and support you and your work, how can they do that?

Cel: https://www.theactualcel.com/, or @theactualcel on Twitter and Instagram