Marcel Weyers

QRM chatted with Marcel Weyers!

QRM: Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do in the games industry?

Marcel: My name is Marcel Weyers and I am a German video game translator and I have translated more than 200 video games so far, many of them adventure games and visual novels. In my free time I like to travel with my husband all around the world. As a queer person myself, I'm glad that some of the games I've worked on feature LGBTQIA+ characters. Many niche visual novels feature queer relationships and I have developed a few games on my own, including This Is Where I Want To Die and To Kill A Black Swan!

QRM: What about the games industry excites and inspires you?

Marcel: Many developers in the indie game industry are very supportive and I feel very honored if they choose me to translate their games into German – even more so if they feature characters that are queer or represent some other kind of minority. In my opinion, video games can connect people and like any other work of art, they can teach us something about how different people can be and help us to understand each other better.

QRM: What about the games industry frustrates or disappoints you? What are the challenges you’re currently facing in the industry?

Marcel: I find it quite sad that some developers like to take advantage of the fact that visual novels are slowly but surely getting more visibility in the west. There is a lot of shovelware being produced and sometimes they even shoehorn 'queer' characters into their game just to use them to attract potential buyers from the LGBTQIA+ community. It frustrates me because what we really need are authentic representations of queer people and not for us to be fetishized.

QRM: If you could make one roadblock magically disappear from the games industry, what would you choose and why?

Marcel: We really need queer representation in AAA video games and other types of media. I wish AAA developers would be braver and include more LGBTQIA+ characters in their games, because pop culture has the chance to reach so many people and to reduce prejudice against minorities. I believe it could help the queer community, especially young people that are still unsure about their identity and sexuality.

QRM: What message would you give to allies—both individuals and companies—who want to know how to support marginalised people better?

Marcel: Talk to us! There are so many talented LGBTQIA+ people who can help allies to understand queer life better and how an authentic representation could be portrayed in video games or other kind of media.

QRM: What message would you give to marginalised people who are working in games or would like to work in games?

Marcel: Your identity or sexuality does not define your whole personality. You are more than that and if you are good at what you are doing or what you want to do, go for it! Don't let people tell you that you are not worth it or that your identity or sexuality is “unprofessional”.

QRM: If people want to find and support you and your work, how can they do that?

Marcel: Twitter, Facebook or my website!