Text-based game reading 'Math class sucks today. You didn't get your usual seat in the lecture hall and the guy sitting in front of you is way too tall. Not only are you unable to take down notes, your stomach is growling loudly. You wish you didn't skip breakfast out of sheer laziness this morning. The professor drones on as you attempt to write down everything she's saying, which more or less results in an abstract interpretation of the shitstorm brewing in your head. The worst part of it all is that this is the one section you have no idea about and you need these notes badly. Sadly, it looks like you won't be able to acquire them unless you ask another classmate for help. You look to the students sitting next to you.
  • Developer: BáiYù
  • Publisher: BáiYù
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

8=D~<3 is the 18+ story of Tristan who gets a boyfriend (or two) while in college. The game is designed to portray healthy queer characters and a realistic poly relationship.