80 Days

Two masc appearing people in suits are shown from the shoulders up facing each other. The dialogue reads 'You cannot be serious. To the Moon?' and 'I am quite serious, Passepartout! There is no turning back now'. There is a selection bar named 'What next' at the bottom with various options.
  • Developer: inkle
  • Publisher: inkle
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC, iOS, Android

80 Days contains vignettes about queer characters, which populate the world and make it more vibrant. There is an interesting relationship mechanic with Fogg, who the player-character (Passepartout) acts as a valet for; if Fogg's health deteriorates to the point of his death, the game ends, regardless of the player-character's own health. There are implications that this relationship is not simply platonic, but this is speculation and the relationship mechanics are interesting without a canonically romantic, queer relationship. Passepartout is able to pursue both male and female love interests.

One of these potential love interests in 'Death', who is actually Octave (a man) wearing a mask for Mardi Gras. He expresses attraction for Passepartout after they spend an evening together, and the player can choose to reciprocate.