A Mortician's Tale

People are milling in a room. Two feminine characters are sitting on a couch. There is a speech bubble showing one saying to the other 'Did you ever end up clearing the air with your father?'
  • Developer: Laundry Bear Games
  • Publisher: Laundry Bear Games
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Platform/s: PC (Steam) or (itch.io)

In A Mortician's Tale, the player receives emails from Funeral Monthly, some of which discuss the importance of the ethical treatment and respect of the bodies of queer people, with explicit references to trans people (in regards to misgendering, altering their appearance after death, and the laws around gendering after death) and same-sex attracted people (in regards to partners of deceased people). The protagonist also receives emails from Jen Love, one of her friends, who talks about a girl she is falling in love with as well as mentioning that she has had relationships with men in the past.