Three masc appearing people with oversized muscles and ripped clothing stand beneath the game title. One is posing with arms crossed, one is screaming, and one appears to be flying into the air with an arm outstretched.
  • Developer: Robert Hatch Kraig Blackwelder Andrew Bates Ken Cliffe Greg Fountain Sheri M. Johnson Chris McDonough Ethan Skemp Mike Tinney Richard Thomas Stephan Wieck Fred Yelk Ian Watson
  • Publisher: White Wolf Publishing
  • Year: 1999
  • Genre: RPG Tabletop
  • Platform/s: Physical game

Aberrant features prominent gay characters within its story supplements, some of which are tied to plots within the setting. These game materials lean into some stereotypes and tropes.

In the Player's Guide (2000), a gang called the 'Queer Nova Alliance' is introduced, which comprises several gay superheroes. There is a nightclub owner named Ibiza who used to be bullied, a drag queen named Glamora, a character named the Master who is related to BDSM, the protector of San Francisco named Rainbow, and a character named Tommy Orgy who can clone himself.

This game also features Divis Mal, who is positioned as the most powerful man within the setting, and he also happens to be gay.