Ace Attorney series

Crowd of characters beneath the game title: Masc appearing person with bandage on face, masc appearing person in fancy suit, masc appearing person with striped mask, femme appearing person holding a whip, masc appearing person with wrinkles and glasses, masc appearing person in business suit, masc appearing person with goatee and grin, femme appearing person with goggles, femme appearing person holding a ball, and femme appearing person in a kimono-like costume.
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Year: 2001 – 2016
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Platform/s: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, Android, iOS, Wii, PC

The Ace Attorney series features Miles Edgeworth, who is an antagonist and playable character, and is implied to be gay. This can be inferred through behaviour, dress, and his lack of interest in women.

In Trials and Tribulations, Jean Armstrong is a gay character who owns a restaurant and has a drag persona named Claurice who dresses as a french maid.

Adrian Andrews is a character in Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations, and it is implied she is in love with her boss, who is also a woman. It is later also implied that she is attracted to Franziska von Karma, a woman antagonist.

Dual Destinies features a case where an eye witness—Aura Blackquill—has been influenced by her hate towards the case's culprit, Metis Cykes, who was her partner in a laboratory where they worked. The women were clearly close, with Aura keeping a framed photograph of Metis in their lab after their death. There is no confirmed romantic relationship between the women, but some lines imply an unreciprocated love, including Aura telling her brother, "You know exactly how I felt about her! Her respect as a co-worker wasn't all that I wanted!"

Dual Destinies also features a character who states that she was 'raised as a boy'; prior to this, everyone assumes that she is a boy due to her clothing choices and voice, but after this is revealed, she acts more femininely and others refer to her with feminine pronouns.