Arcade Spirits

A femme appearing character in overalls is standing with her hands on her hips in a room full of arcade machines. A dialogue box shows her name is Naomi, and she is saying, 'Yes exactly! Maybe we should do more to promote them. Have retro nights at the Funplex? High score challenges? There's a lot of ways we can share that love!'
  • Developer: Fiction Factory Games
  • Publisher: Fiction Factory Games
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Visual novel
  • Platform/s: PC

Arcade Spirits features a fully customisable player-character, including the player's choice of pronouns and sexuality. The game also does not restrict romantic partners based on the player-character's traits, and there is an explicitly asexual path.

The game also features several NPCs who are nonbinary (one who is romanceable), a couple in a gay relationship, and several who are bisexual.