Backstage Pass

A masculine figure wears a fedora, a gender ambiguous character releases doves, a masculine figure sings into a microphone, a feminine figure looks at the camera, and a masculine figure stands with his back to everyone. Text reads, 'Lights, camera... romance!'
  • Developer: sakevisual
  • Publisher: sakevisual
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: Visual novel
  • Platform/s: PC

Backstage Pass is a dating sim and visual novel filled with diverse representation of sexualities. It is particularly praised for its asexual representation; the game features four 'main' routes and three 'bonus' routes, one of which is with the asexual Alvin. If pursued, he explains to the player-character that he feels that he loves her, but is unsure as he doesn't feel the types of sexual attraction that society typically associates with romantic love. Despite it being confirmed by developers that Alvin is indeed sexual, as these interactions suggest, it is not made explicit within the game and, although the route implies romance, it is advertised as a 'friendship'.