Bioshock series

Two masculine figures embrace while looking out a window at a glowing city.
  • Developer: Irrational Games 2K
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Year: 2007 – 2013
  • Genre: Shooter Adventure
  • Platform/s: Various

The Bioshock series was praised by a respondent to the Queer Representation (2016) survey for acknowledging trangender people and offering options for them to pursue to improve their relationship with their gender presentation. The first game in the series features an audio recording from Dr. Steinman that makes a reference to using ADAM for flawless reassignment surgery, making this a canonical treatment of transgender people and changing the world of Bioshock to be a more inclusive one. A trans man who responded to the Queer Representation (2016) survey mentioned that this example is particularly pertinent and that it demonstrates how simple it can be to make a setting inclusive of diversity.

Bioshock features Sander Cohen, who is a gay playwright. He returns in Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea.

Bioshock Infinite also includes background characters in same-gender relationships, although attention is not brought to them. They also contribute to the idea that the world of Bioshock is inclusive of sexuality and gender diversity.