Bliss Stage

Text-based game reads, 'Right now, right this moment, right as you read these words, humanity is struck down by an alien force from beyond the limits of our understanding. It is the first blow of a terrible war. Seven years later, armed with a technology you cannot understand and can barely operate, you will strike back. This is how. Bliss Stage is a role-playing game about teenage pilots fighting back against alien invaders with giant robots made of weaponized love. It's about love and war and the future of humanity. It has a lot of sex parts in it.'
  • Developer: Ben Lehman
  • Publisher: Ben Lehman
  • Year: 2011
  • Genre: RPG Tabletop
  • Platform/s: Physical game

Bliss Stage features a lot of sex scenes, and is designed to breakdown the taboos around discussions of sex and sexuality.