Blue Rose

A feminine figure with a long cloak and a stag stands beneath a floral design.
  • Developer: Jeremy Crawford Dawn Elliot Stephen Kenson John Snead
  • Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
  • Year: 2005
  • Genre: Tabletop RPG
  • Platform/s: Physical game

The Blue Rose source book has names for different kinds of love (heterosexual as cepia luath and homosexual as caria daunen) and suggests that in the myths of the word, same-gender love came before opposite-gender relationships. There are gay men in the source books, and the introductory adventure includes a pair of young boys who are secretly in love with each other. Blue Rose doesn't just offer the potential for queer relationships, but includes some as canon between NPCs.

The game also features the Kingdom of Aldis, where people practised same-gender marriages and polyamory. This was countered in the game, however, by the Kingdom of Jinzon, who are pseudo-Catholic and oppose Aldis because of their progressive approach. This unfortunately simplifies the nuance of sexuality and relationships in the game.