C14 Dating

A masculine character stands in a kitchen. A text overlay reads, 'Hendrik: I'm ace... or asexual'.
  • Developer: Winter Wolves
  • Publisher: Winter Wolves
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Visual novel
  • Platform/s: PC

C14 Dating allows the player-character to pursue relationships with diverse characters, including a character who identifies as asexual. This character's name is Hendrik Luikenhuis and his asexuality is not revealed to the player until they are part-way through his story line. It is not positioned as a 'major reveal'; rather, aspects of his identity are hinted at throughout so that when it is explicitly named, it is less of a reveal and more of a confirmation for the player-character and, depending on their existing knowledge of asexuality, the player.

This is a common theme within the game, with more diversity than first meets the eye being revealed as each path is explored. Queerness is often touched on without being explored or explained too deeply. The explicit nature of this representation is valuable, but implies an existing level of knowledge in its target audience, as a non-queer (or uninformed) player may be left confused by some interactions.