can you say my name again

An open notebook with a text overlay, which reads 'Chapter 1: roommates of tomorrow'. Beneath this, text reads, 'I wonder what that was all about. I don't have any issues with Pisti coming over? I mean, I totally invited her to come visit a few weeks back. I don't know why she didn't really come; Pisti has always been shit at explaining anything whenever we chat online. So, in a way, it's nice that she's finally coming over. I hope she hasn't done anything stupid. Like the bad kind of stupid. She's always up to something, going somewhere, doing stuff. Meanwhile, I just sit at home all day. It's not like I want to go anywhere. I've had my fair share of trying to go out like that. It got boring real fast. It's way more fun just not goig anywhere. Never ever.'
  • Developer: nadia nova
  • Publisher: nadia nova
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

can you say my name again follows a trans lesbian player-character named Laina as she navigates anxiety, sex, and a burgeoning relationship with Pisti.