Caper in the Castro

A text box. 'The Scenario. You are the world famous lesbian private detective, Tracker McDyke. You are searching for a kidnapped drag queen, Tessy LaFemme. What you didn't count on was stumbling onto an even larger and more treacherous crime. Prologue. It's 3:05am. You have just been awakened by a phone call from your old friend, Tessy LaFemme. She sounded frantic and asked you to meet her in front of The Gayme Room, (a favourite hang-out of yours.) She said she'd be there in 15 minutes. She started to say something about getting the goods on Dullagan Straightman (notorious fiend and villain) but before you could ask Tessy what she meant... she was cut off.'
  • Developer: C.M. Ralph
  • Publisher: Hypercard
  • Year: 1989
  • Genre: Point-and-click
  • Platform/s: Macintosh

The protagonist of Caper in the Castro is a lesbian detective called Tracker McDyke, who is searching for her drag queen friend, Tessy LaFemme. The game was made by a queer woman for other queer people, and contains many references to businesses with Castro, a notoriously gay area in San Francisco.