Choices: Stories You Play (portal app)

Three game screens. The first reads 'Choose romance' and depicts a masculine and feminine figure. The text overlay reads, 'Want to dance?' with the options, 'You read my mind.' 'You're not my type.' and 'I'm better at kissing'. The second game screen reads 'Choose mystery' and features a masculine and feminine figure in office wear. The third game screen reads 'Choose fantasy' and features a masculine and feminine figure in armour, with a text overlay that reads 'To reclaim my kingdom, I vow to...' Options are, 'Crush my enemies!' 'Forge and alliance!' and 'Seduce the prince!'.
  • Developer: Pixelberry
  • Publisher: Pixelberry
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: App Portal
  • Platform/s: iOS, Android

Choices: Stories You Play is a portal app for interactive fiction by Pixelberry, that feature queer themes.

Games featured on this app include The Freshman series, Rules of Engagement, Endless Summer, Hero, #LoveHacks, The Crown & The Flame, The Haunting of Braidwood Manor, and The Royal Romance.