Cyberspace: Sprawlgangs & Megacorps

Two masculine figures in suits stand outside, looking through a doorway at two gender ambiguous figures.
  • Developer: Iron Crown Enterprises
  • Publisher: Paizo Publishing
  • Year: 1990
  • Genre: RPG Tabletop
  • Platform/s: Physical game

Cyberspace: Sprawlgangs & Megacorps features a gang of gay men named the 'Models', which consists of handsome male fashion models who randomly assault women on the street with knives. The source book says that all of the members of the gang are openly gay, but states that depsite this they 'will not "stoop" to prostitution as a mattter of "pride"', implying prositution is typical of gay men. The source book also states that the group is sometimes called the 'Style Queens' or 'Pretty Boys' as derogatory names by other gangs.