Darkstalkers series

Two feminine figures stand at the centre of a crowd of figures in over-the-top, ornate outfits in front of a scene with a castle, full moon, and leaf-less trees.
  • Developer: Capcom Iron Galaxy Studios
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Year: 1994 – 2013
  • Genre: Fighter
  • Platform/s: Various

The original Darkstalkers game features Morrigan, the primary protagonist of the series, who is reportedly bisexual. Similarly, Lilith from Darkstalkers 3 is reportedly bisexual, though the sexuality of these two characters has not been canonically confirmed.

Lilith was originally designed to be an 'orokonoko', which is roughly translated to men who dress as women (not directly related to sexuality or gender). It is rumoured that she may also have been intended to be an intersex character.

The original Darkstalkers also features Demitri, who is also reportedly bisexual. His finishing move in Darkstalkers 3 turns men into women, and women into exaggerated versions of themselves.