Dead but Alive! Southern England

A masculine figure holds a club threateningly, with a game overlay depicting several stats. A dialogue box says, 'I'm bi-sexual. I guess there is an easier way to say that.'
  • Developer: Niels Bauer Games
  • Publisher: Niels Bauer Games
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Adventure Simulation
  • Platform/s: PC

Dead but Alive! Southern England has two versions; the original and remastered versions feature different queer representation. In the original version, the player can choose to control a feminine or masculine player-character, but romance options remain the same. There are three women and one man who can be romanced, including Eric who openly admits to being bisexual while drunk during an in-game event.

In the remastered version of the game, the player is able to romance three women and three men. However, in this version, the player can no longer select from two player-characters and the protagonist is coded as male.