Dead in Vinland

Masculine figure and feminine figure sit in a village in front of a building with weapons and a shield outside. A pot is cooking over heat with an overlay that says, 'Cook', and the text 'Fetch water' is over a pile of buckets.
  • Developer: CCCP
  • Publisher: Playdius Plug In Digital
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Simulation Visual novel
  • Platform/s: PC

Dead in Vinland features many queer themes and characters. Kari has one male and female love interest. One of those love interests—Shanaw—is a same-gender attracted tomboy woman.

Moira is open about her sexuality and is either bi or pansexual. At the end of the narrative, she can end up with one of two men. Moria often talks about sex, but isn't sexualised by the narrative.

Blodeuwedd can end up with another man who is in a relationship (as is she), or can remain loyal to her husband Eirik. She can also take a bath in the lake with Paravenah, sharing an intimate moment, but nothing sexual.

Paravaneh is interested in other women flirtateously, but has no romance routes with women.