Deadly Premonition

A masculine figure leans down towards the camera, while a feminine and masculine figure stand further back, arms crossed.
  • Developer: Access Games Rising Star Games
  • Publisher: Ignition Entertainment Marvelous Entertainment Rising Star Games Mastertronic
  • Year: 2010
  • Genre: Horror
  • Platform/s: Various

Deadly Premonition features Thomas, a queer character. His sexuality or gender identity are not explicitly revealed, with players interpretting his behaviour and dialogue as an indication of him being gay, a cross-dresser, or transgender; the ambiguity of his character's representation makes it difficult to determine.

The game also features George, a bisexual character.

Some players have had issues with the representation within the game, as Thomas and George are represented as experiencing psychosis. While some reflect on the strength of their characters in terms of being well-rounded and flawed, others mention frustration that there are not enough positive representations of queer characters in media.