Demlin and Marzipan

Text-based game, which reads, 'To your shock and horror, Demlin isn't in the room. Not that it's unusual or even forbidden for Demlin to wander around the castle, but the large windows in her room are open, and scattered about the room are what appear to be pink Angel's feathers. This can only mean one thing: some ignorant Angel, either acting alone or upon the orders of their rulers, has kidnapped your beloved and best friend. For a moment, all you can do is stand there in shock, terrified as you think about how they might be treating her or what tortures they're subjecting her to, but you quickly try to get ahold of yourself. You're a knight, and even if you hate this whole fucking war, you'll bring down all the Heavens and Hells in existence and devour all the Gods in the world if it means getting Demlin back, safe and sound. Quickly, you gather up a few of the feathers and head to the Throne Room.
  • Developer: Sleepy Dreamer
  • Publisher: Sleepy Dreamer
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

Demlin and Marzipan follows the story of Marzipan and her girlfriend, Princess Demlin. You have to save the princess from a kidnapper.