A fictional chat program shows messages from 'Jelani', including a photo of a feminine figure and the text, 'Mas. You won't believe this. Kid in my dorm's been workin on this program that recognize crap in images, and brings up data on it from the web. Figured I'd borrow it to see if we can't find something on Daena. Maybe she got other online profiles under different names. Found nothing tho, and I mean literally nothing. She's got this book in the background of one of her pics. The thing's non-existent, written by this... Well. Only one person by that name and he's a one year old kid. That's stupid crazy, right?'
  • Developer: Jack Oatley Nickolas Forsten Heather Baba
  • Publisher: Jack Oatley
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

Distance is a piece of interactive fiction that tells the story of the unconventional relationship between two girls.