Dragon Warrior III

Four figures stand outside in the grass, with a text overlay reading, 'Humph! What?! Not another homosexual...'
  • Developer: Chunsoft
  • Publisher: Enix
  • Year: 1988
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform/s: Various

Dragon Warrior III (also unknown as Dragon Quest III) features a sexual activity referred to as 'puff puff'. When a woman asks the player-character (a man) to participate in 'puff puff' with her, if he refuses, she replies 'Humph! What?! Not another nomosexual...'. There are rumours that the game once featured a gay bar, but that it was removed due to censorship issues; it has also been said that the gay bar was reintroduced for the Game Boy version of the title, but this is not conclusive.