DRAMAtical Murder

A masculine figure with long, unnaturally coloured hair looks at the camera with several dialogue bubbles beside him. These read, 'April fool's 2012 - Aoba's Twitter log. No, you see, I kind of want to duke it out. How about it? Ren? He's right there. Afternoon. I'm in my room right now. I took this icon pic myself. It was kind of embarassing to take.'
  • Developer: Nitro+chiral
  • Publisher: Conteride Nitro+chiral Otome Dream Yaoi Forever Kae Pro 07th Inquisition Gaymu Team
  • Year: 2012
  • Genre: Visual novel
  • Platform/s: PC

DRAMAtical Murder is a NSFW yaoi visual novel featuring nudity and sex, as well as blood and violence. While there are consensual encounters in the game, it needs a warning for sexual assult, as well as several other potential triggers. A revision of the game, entitled DRAMAtical Murder Re:code features less nudity and violence, as it was created to adhere to a 15+ rating.