Exam Period

Text-based game saying, 'I wake up late the day of my early GCSE exams. This is not ideal. I look at my phone with one eye and realise I have hit snooze on my alarm five times. Oops. I glance down at my grey trousers on the floor. They're wrinkled, but they'll do, and I helpfully left the belt in them when I stepped out of them last night. Luckily I do have a clean shirt left in the closet. I can see my hair in the reflection of the screensaver on my laptop - it is one day off too greasy to inflict it upon others, but, delightfully, it is standing up straight. It sort of looks intentional. I can get to the exam on time. This will be fine. Why do they even want us to sit GCSE English and Maths at the end of Y9 anyway? And then I hear my friend Alice's voice in my head...'
  • Developer: chellaquint
  • Publisher: chellaquint
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

Exam Period is about a trans man getting his period during an exam. The game is designed as a piece of forum theatre, for audience interaction.