Fight like a Girl

A feminine figure looks to the sky. A text overlay reads, 'People called me a blank, a 'trap', and a blank. But I never deceived anyone. All I wanted was for everyone to accept me the way I am. My body doesn't matter. I am a girl. My beloved city is under attack from the forces of evil, and the Magical Girls who defend it need my help. I have been chosen by the forces off light who protect this city to become a Magical Girl too. I always dreamed to be one of them. Now I will fight for this city and everyone in it.
  • Developer: Rednell
  • Publisher: Rednell
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Fighter
  • Platform/s: PC (free)

The protagonist of Fight Like a Girl is a trans woman who must fist-fight with opponents to protect her city and ultimately be accepted