Free Again

Squares and circles in several colours are arranged on the game screen with a cat icon nearby. Beside this, a key shows what the different shapes and colours mean, with sliders reading: challenges completed, gender identity, woman-ness, man-ness, gender expression, feminine, masculine, biological sex, female-ness, male-ness, sexually attracted to, women/females/feminity, men/males/masculinity, romantically attracted to, women/females/feminity, men/males/masculinity.
  • Developer: ffmaer
  • Publisher: ffmaer
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Casual
  • Platform/s: PC

Free Again is a snake-like game where you play as a cat experimenting with their gender identity by collecting shapes of different colours that represent different positions on an array of gender and sex sliders, including identity, presentation, etc.