Gabriel Knight series

Six figures are gathered in a bar while a masculine figure with a moustache serves drinks. A text overlay reads, 'Uh, on second thought, I don't think you could help. Forget it.'
  • Developer: Sierra On-Line Pinkerton Road Studio
  • Publisher: Sierra Entertainment Phoenix Online Studios
  • Year: 1993 – 2014
  • Genre: Adventure Point-and-click
  • Platform/s: PC

The second game in the Gabriel Knight series—The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery—draws parallels between lycanthropy and sexuality. The game's antagonist, Baron Friedrich von Glower, runs a men's social club and can be read as a gay character. Similarly, references to transformations into a werewolf in King Ludwig's journal are dismissed by scholars as metaphoric of homosexuality, and there is an implication that Ludwig is comfortable with his sexuality, meaning that he may be openly gay.

The third title—Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned—hints at a relationship between Lady Lily Howard and Estelle Stiles. When Gabriel searches their room, it is revealed that they only have one bed.