Garden Diary

Three game screens. The first reads, 'garden diary. Quest 1 finished. Random forest, free quest. Select quest. Information, 1 item. There are 6 items in present box. Success! Now you are ready to travel through the app galaxy. Item, party, gardening'. The second reads, 'quet log. Reborn forest, free quest. Your party found glass. Twin tailist got glass. Soil spider appeared. Great hentai attacked. Soil spider was damaged 8 points. Hoge attacks. Soil spider was damaged 8 points. Soil spider did not move. Your party won for a battle'. Third reads, 'party management. Check the state of the party here. Let it dissolve in a bar if there is a person feeling stress. Hoge. Twin Tailist. Great Hentai.'
  • Developer: windbell
  • Publisher: windbell
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform/s: Android

Garden Diary combines dungeon crawling with gardening. When creating a character, the gender options provided are separate to visual appearance. Gender choice is represented by four symbols: venus, mars, combination, and question mark.

There is a bar in the game where the player-character goes to find new party members. Here, characters are randomly generated in terms of gender and appearance, as well as their stats, and some of these make references to sexuality (however the localisation of the game makes the translation of this dialogue unclear).