Gay Fighter Supreme

Two feminine figures dance in a bedroom surrounded by giant stuffed animals and a disco ball. A game overlay shows each character's portrait and health bar, and their names: Sappho Ethridge and Timmy Spears.
  • Developer: Handsome Woman
  • Publisher: Handsome Woman
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Rhythm Fighter
  • Platform/s: iOS, Android

Gay Fighter Supreme is a fighter designed in '90s style, specifically to introduce more explicitly queer characters into this genre. The game includes ten lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters, including Carrie Cupcake, GoGo Gary, Sappho Ethridge (lesbian), and Timmy Spears (gay).

The game is intended to be satirical and humorous, and deliberately leans heavily on stereotypes to make a point. The queer characters fight among themselves as an oppressive group—the League of Oppressive Self-Righteous Zealots—control the tournament in which they fight; designer Michael Patrick has said that the message of the game should be that the queer community should not be fighting among themselves when there are greater enemies worth focusing on.