Grand Theft Auto series

A masculine figure wears sunglasses inside, holding a bottle of champagne and an overflowing glass.
  • Developer: Rockstar Digital Eclipse
  • Publisher: Rockstar
  • Year: 1997 – 2016
  • Genre: Shooter Adventure
  • Platform/s: Various

Grand Theft Auto is renowned for its various negative representations of basically every minority group. Still, there are some interesting representations of the queer community within these titles, as discussed by Mark McCarthy here.

In GTA: Vice City, Ken Rosenberg features some stereotypical traits associated with gay men, such as effemininity, colourful clothing choices, and nervousness around the topic of dating.

GTA: San Andreas allows CJ to kiss men, but only if the player is in multiplayer mode and the second player also chooses a male character.

GTA IV has a mission that requires the player-character to go on a date with a gay man. In the expansion The Ballad of Gay Tony, who is a character from the original series, portrays the title character as very explicitly gay, and not as negatively as one might expect. GTA IV also allows Niko to send invitations to other men on the in-game website '', but the men will not reply to his advances (as no characters on these websites do).

GTA V offers complex representation of sexuality in Trevor, who battles with sexuality and identity after having had sexual interactions with men and women. He eventually sugggests that he is bisexual in a conversation with the player.