Heroes of Legionwood

Two gender ambiguous people standing in a grassy field. Dialogue reads 'I think Elwyn was right to trust you with this quest. Whatever happens, I get the feeling you'll always do what's right.'.
  • Developer: Dark Gaia Studios
  • Publisher: Degica
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform/s: PC

Heroes of Legionwood contains same-gender relationship options for the player-character. Regardless of the player character's gender, Vane (a male mage and companion) or Jeska (a female rogue and companion) can be romanced.

Initially, Dak Gaia Studios wrote in Steam discussions that romances were unique for each gender. When Kamil Wajda tweeted at the studio about this, they said that same-gender relationships weren't possible in the game because of difficulty programming relationships without gender restrictions. Upon further reflection and experimentation, Dark Gaia Studio determined that it is possible to expand romance options and wrote about the update here.