A rough looking ocean. Centre, a picture of a gender ambiguous person wearing snow clothes and a dog next to two huts with a washing line between them in the snow. Right, a picture of a masc looking person with painting on his face and upper body. Dialogue reads 'Not really. I just mistook affection for physical attraction. He was the only one to ever be kind to me. I thought I loved him.'.
  • Developer: Inner Void
  • Publisher: Digital Tribe
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Strategy RPG
  • Platform/s: PC

ICY requires players to select a binary gender at the beginning of the game, but regardless of their choice, still allows the player to select from a masculine and feminine portrait. The developers have also indicated that they will be adding a portrait where the character's face is covered, making it uncertain whether they are feminine, masculine, or androgynous.

The game also featured diverse sexualities, but these were written out of the game in the Frostbite edition. Originally, ICY featured diverse sexualities in a man who is attracted to another man in-game. The first man is explicitly attracted to other men, while the second does not reciprocate these feelings. The second man runs away from the first and fakes his own death because he disliked being pursued; he indicates that the first man may have mistaken his affection for shared attraction.