In Dreams

Text reads 'You're apparently a knight, so it's your job to fight dragons. You run outside, sword in hand, looking for the monster to slay. It doesn't take long to find it. It two stories tall and attacking a large cottage. It's slashing at the walls with it's claws and bellowing fire into the air. The thatched roof is already on fire. You hear a scream and realise there are still people inside, trapped by falling debris. As you ponder what to do, more villagers run past you, fleeing into the woods. Unlike them, you have the power to take action.'. Choices read 'Run in to save the people trapped in the cottage. Raise your sword and charge the dragon. Rally the villagers to help you. Run with the villagers, you can't handle this after all.'. Text reads 'Stats Menu. Drive. Care. Stress. Help. Relationship. Days in hospital, 16.'.
  • Developer: Natron77
  • Publisher: Natron77
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

In Dreams is about the player-character, Rebecca, trying to maintain her relationship with her girlfriend Jennie while also trying to recover from a brain injury in hospital.