In My Mind

A capsule shaped object in a living room. Dialogue reads 'One thing I didn't really take into account was the testosterone increasing my manic episodes.'.
  • Developer: Charlie Francis Cassidy
  • Publisher: Charlie Francis Cassidy
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

Disclaimer: This game was developed by a member of the Represent Me team.

In My Mind is an autobiographical game experience designed to represent what it’s like living inside the developer's head. The gameplay involves the player walking around a room and interacting with furniture to talk out loud to themselves. When asked about the game, Charlie told us that, 'This is a direct representation of how I talk to myself to sort through various thoughts and problems I am having.

'All of the dialogue has been pulled directly from my own mental health blog, which I’ve kept since I was first diagnosed with Bipolar. The game doesn’t follow any sort of linear pattern of events and each person would experience my thoughts in a different order. This is to represent the disjointed nature of my own thoughts. I have aimed to create the experience of the player having to put these thoughts together themselves to better understand my experiences.

'It's got references to me starting Testosterone, trying to get approval for surgery and some feelings after the surgery.'