Kendall & Kylie

Left, a picture of a masc looking person and a femme looking person standing closely together with a crowd of indistinct people behind them, and a love heart drawn between them. Various cute stickers are placed on the picture. Right, a different femme looking person.
  • Developer: Glu Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Platform/s: iOS, Android

Kendall & Kylie allows the player-character to choose the gender to whom they are romantically interested and also suppports having multiple relationships, provided they are managed and balanced. Unfortunately, the game does not support plurisexual identites, with the initial romantic choice dictating the one binary gender the player-character must then pursue for the rest of the game. The game also does not seem to support asexuality/aromance or nonbinary gender options.