Kest, The Fall

The title page for Kest, the Fall. It is all text. It says 'A story about doing whatever it takes to get the care you need, and getting more than you asked for in the best possible way. Mostly safe for work. Content warning for trans body dysphoria, several cis background characters, gatekeeping bullshit, trouble breathing but in a hot way, one gun that can't hurt anybody, apocalyptic landscapes, blushing, heavy petting, rapid loss of human status.'
  • Developer: Benn Ends
  • Publisher: Benn Ends
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Interactive fiction
  • Platform/s: PC

Kest, the Fall is a piece of interactive fiction about a protagonist who doesn't feel comfortable in her human body, saying she 'wants to be a girl'. Though there are themes of dysphoria explored, the protagonist is ultimately able to get exactly the body they desire, Their romantic interest uses they/them pronouns, is described as 'androgynous', and explicity states that they have several romantic partners that they are currently dating.