Leisure Suit Larry series

A group of mainly masc looking people seated at a indoor bar. Jukebox, arcade game and dart board are around the room.
  • Developer: Sierra Entertainment High Voltage Software Team 17 Replay Games
  • Publisher: Sierra Entertainment Codemasters Replay Games
  • Year: 1987 – 2013
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Platform/s: Various

The Leisure Suit Larry games mention a number of queer or potentially-queer characters, although many of the representations in these games are not positive. For instance, in the original Leisure Suit Larry there are homophobic jokes made by a number of comedians who the player can watch perform, there are 'lesbian cannibals' in Leisure Suit Larry 3, and there are references to sexualities in Leisure Suit Larry 5 through a prejudiced airport sign.

Leisure Suit Larry was also mentioned for negative reasons by respondents to the Queer Representation (2016) survey, who criticised the series's representations of women.

In Leisure Suit Larry 6, a unique 'game over' screen featured Larry walking hand in hand with the gay towel attendant into the sunset. This could be achieved by using Larry's fly on the attendant, or giving the attendant his room key.

As well as being partially set in a gay bar, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude includes several queer characters, albeit in offensive ways. One of the characters, Ione, identifies as a lesbian, but this is communicated during a song in which several men use slurs to describe her. Moments later, Larry falsely 'comes out' as gay, but he only does so to manipulate Ione into forgiving him for treating her poorly. Another male character, Beazer, sincerely identifies as being gay a moment later. The game also includes an extremely transphobic joke about the character 'Koko', in which it is unclear whether they are implying that Koko is a crossdressing man or a trans woman.