A group of femme looking, masc looking and gender ambiguous people standing around a pavlova cake.
  • Developer: Killaware
  • Publisher: Marvelous Entertainment Ignition Entertainment Rising Star Games
  • Year: 2008
  • Genre: Visual novel
  • Platform/s: Nintendo DS

Lux-Pain features several queer themes. Shunichi Inagaki is a gay character who is in love with the protagonist's friend's father. While the protagonist, Atsuki Saijo, can choose only to date girls, he can tell Shunichi that he is 'into boys' and Shunichi replies that he 'knows how it feels'.

The game features several men who may be interested in Atsuki, but none explicitly state that they have feelings. This may potentially be because of the localisation of the game. Although Atsuki can only date women, he doesn't have to, and he can have scenes with men, they just aren't called 'dates' in the game.

Atuski could be considered ambiguously gay, as can another character, Hibiki.

Hu Mei Ling also references sexuality in her personality tests. One of the questions for these tests is about sexuality / homosexuality; she judges whether the player can be homosexual or not.