Monster Prom

Six figures of various genders stand behind a table. A dialogue overlay reads 'It had to be one of them... but who?'
  • Developer: Beautiful Glitch
  • Publisher: Those Awesome Guys
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Platform/s: PC

"Monster Prom allows players to choose from four default characters: Yellow/Oz, Red/Amira, Green/Brian, and Blue/Vicky. Two of these characters are femme and two are masc, but regardless of choice, the player can choose to alter their name and select they/them, she/her, or he/him pronouns.

All characters are romanceable regardless of player-character gender and pronouns.

The Interdimensional Prince is an NPC who is not romanceable but is bisexual, and will try to 'steal' your prom date by trying to woo them, regardless of gender."