Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness

Femme looking person wearing warm snow clothes standing in front of a house. Dialogue reads 'Hi there! Are you Ms Silva?' and then reads 'Finally she arrives! I think I'm half made of ice at this point. So you're Nancy, huh? I'm Dagny. I'm part of the ship restoration team - the one who called you in. You can call me 'boss-lady' if you want. Or 'my Queen'. Or 'Dagny'. Whatevs.'
  • Developer: Her Interactive
  • Publisher: Her Interactive
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Platform/s: PC

Nancy Drew has a history of heteronormativity due to the requirements for their games to retain G-ratings. However, in Nancy Drew 32: Sea of Darkness, the series manages to include a queer character. In this game, Dagny refers to a woman named 'Alicia' as her 'life partner'. You can read about it on FemHype.