Night Witches

Four panels. Top left, two femme looking people kissing in a pantry cupboard. Top right, a old-fashioned airplane fighting other airplanes in the sky. Bottom left, a pilot in an airplane. Bottom right, a femme looking person saluting to a masc looking person, while two femme looking people stand beside her.
  • Developer: Jason Morningstar
  • Publisher: Bully Pulpit Games
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: RPG Tabletop
  • Platform/s: Physical game

Night Witches features explorations of queerness, and encourages players to navigate these topics in a 'sensitive and meaningful way'. The setting does include some oppression on the queer community, but the game rules explicitly encourage players to remove the state's homophobia from the game system and treat queer relationships as 'normal and routine' if this oppression is distressing. The rule book also includes explicit information about what it is like to be queer in the setting and time of the game, which is set in the Soviet Union during World War I.