A fictional web browser has a page open about Professor Abraham Goldfels. The page reads, 'Previously, Prof. Goldfels has held a position as a journalist at Der Reporter, one of the most renowed German daily newspapers, and was also a chariman of the Global Media Ethics Congress. In his works, Prof. Goldfels never relents to emphasize the importance of privacy over public interest. Publications of significance'. Other information lists his occupation as 'former professor of media ethics'.
  • Developer: Osmotic Studios
  • Publisher: Surprise Attack
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Adventure Point-and-click
  • Platform/s: PC

During Orwell, the player-character discovers forum posts accusing Abraham Goldfels of being gay. Later in the game, it's determined that this is a lie; however, the forum includes a number of discussions about being gay. Some individuals claim that it's wrong to 'out' people on the forum, while others (depicted as conservative or ignorant) use offensive language.